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This course is for everyone - for teachers, business owners, professional presenters, managers, coaches and motivational speakers. Public Speaking is a great way to show the leadership & communication Skills. Learn techniques to master the art of public speaking, overcome fears and inspire your audience.

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Public Speaking Introduction

  • Introduction to Public Speaking 1min 8sec
  • Course Learning Outcomes 53sec

How to prepare your speech

  • Identify audience and the purpose 2min 5sec
  • Structure your speech 58sec
  • Role of Story Telling 1min 11sec

2- How to prepare FOR your speech

  • Getting ready for a public speech 1min 41sec
  • Warming up before going to stage 2min 14sec
  • Know about Physical Arrangements 4min 28sec
  • Handling Anxiety 2min 58sec

Techniques to open Your Speech

  • Establish Speaker's Credibility 3min 14sec
  • 05 ways to open speech 4min 31sec
  • Common Speech Opening Mistakes 1min 15sec

Delivering an inspiring public speaking session

  • Vocal Variety During Delivery 2min 58sec
  • Body Language of Public Speaker 3min 33sec
  • Dealing with mishaps 5min 5sec

Opening, Delivery & Closing

  • Speech Closing Techniques 5min 24sec

Overcome fear of Public Speaking

  • Overcome fear of Public speaking 3min 42sec
  • Boost Confidence for Public Speaking 3min 35sec

How to engage & Energize audience

  • Keeping audience engaged 7min 40sec
  • Energizing audience 3min 36sec

Closing & Final words

  • Conclusion & way forward 1min 32sec
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About Expert

Adnan Sohail

Certified L&D Practitioner | Personal Growth Coach

Developing human capital through effective training programs.


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    Mariyam Khan


    I have attended the course, it was a great opportunity for me. I came to know about my weaknesses and how to overcome them. I would recommend all the students and people from different professions to avail this golden opportunity. Sir, may you have more success and keep up your spirit of changing the lives of people.

  • M



    A great opportunity to learn public speaking. I have completed my course and I really learned meaningful knowledge. I suggest everyone to get this opportunity of learning. Sir Adnan Sohail thanks a lot wish you all the best.

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  • Public Speaker
  • Expert to Handle Public Speaking Engagements
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Professional Trainer
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15+ enrolled on this course