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Are you tired of 9-5 job? Or you are a fresh graduate and itโ€™s a great challenge to find job? Have you thought or thinking of starting your own Business or to work for yourself? If yesโ€ฆ. You are at right place to learn how to start a successful business and become an entrepreneur.

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Course introduction and learning outcomes

  • Introduction - Entrepreneurship 1min 17sec
  • Learning outcomes 1min 20sec

Entrepreneurship -vs- Business

  • Entrepreneurship -vs- Business 55sec
  • What is Entrepreneurial mindset? 1min 4sec
  • Signs to Become a Successful Entrepreneur 8min 45sec
  • Developing an Entrepreneurial mindset 3min 39sec

Reason to Start a Business

  • Reason to Start a Business 1min 24sec
  • What You Need to Start Business? 5min 13sec
  • Important to ask before starting business 5min 54sec
  • Creating a Business Plan 3min 55sec

Finding & Evaluating Business Idea

  • Finding a Business Idea 4min 2sec
  • Evaluating Business Idea 4min 24sec

Arranging Funds for Business

  • Personal Savings 4min 15sec
  • Funding & Investment 2min 52sec
  • Business Registration & Processes 2min 37sec

Skills & Tasks of Entrepreneur

  • Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs 4min 4sec
  • Responsibilities for Business Owner 2min 19sec

Learn the techniques to market and promote your new business.

  • Marketing & prompting business 4min 18sec

Starting a side business while you are working or studying.

  • Launching Side Hustle 2min 46sec

Final words from the instructor

  • Conclusion & way forward 29sec
๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ 15+ enrolled on this course

About Expert

Adnan Sohail

Certified L&D Practitioner | Personal Growth Coach

Developing human capital through effective training programs.


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Come out of this class as a

  • Confident to launch a business
  • Expert to run & promote business
  • Confident to handle business challenges
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15+ enrolled on this course