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Many people in career deliver presentations, lead meetings and offer demonstrations but, unfortunately they don't get proper coaching on how to plan, design and deliver an effective presentation which not only conveys the message but persuade audience to take action.

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What is Presentation skills and what you will learn in this course, watch in this section to know.

  • Presentation Skills - Introduction 1min 17sec
  • Importance & techniques of effective presentation 1min 39sec
  • Learning Outcomes - Presentation Skills 58sec

In this section, you will learn to identify various Scenario & and the techniques to plan for a successful presentation.

  • Reason to deliver a presentation 2min 2sec
  • Understanding knowledge and background of the audience 4min 11sec
  • WIFM - Presentation Skills 2min 57sec
  • Communication style of audience 4min 29sec
  • Building Credibility 4min 39sec

In this section, learners will get a solid hold on the skills to design the presentations.

  • Data Collection for presentation 1min 44sec
  • Clear Aim & Consistency 2min 47sec
  • Presentation Slides Designing 5min 57sec

In this important section, you will learn the art of effective delivery of the presentation and handle different situations.

  • Importance of real-time practice 4min 3sec
  • Managing anxiety during presentation 7min 44sec
  • Role of gestures and Eye contact 2min 57sec
  • Opening, Closing and Q&A 2min 6sec

The final section will suggest you the next steps to master your presentation skills.

  • Conclusion 1min 21sec
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15+ enrolled on this course