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Learn the techniques to improve your decision making skills.

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Introduction to the course

  • Introduction - Decision Making 1min 39sec
  • Learning Outcomes 1min 40sec
  • Ask Key Questions 2min 28sec

What is Decision Making Process

  • Decision Making Process -vs- Judgment.mp4 3min 22sec
  • Strategies for making decisions 4min 37sec
  • Principle of making a decision 2min 50sec
  • Decision Making Cycle 1min 50sec

The Styles of Decision Making

  • Decision Making Styles 3min 39sec

Stakeholder Management

  • Managing Stakeholders 5min 17sec

Managing Ambiguity & Risks

  • Identifying Possible Ambiguities 3min 19sec
  • Reducing Ambiguity & Risks 3min 24sec

Making Successful Decisions

  • Critical Questions to Ask Before Decision 1min 58sec
  • Execute, Communicate & Measure Decisions 2min 51sec

Conclusion & way forward

  • Conclusion & way forward 1min 13sec
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About Expert

Adnan Sohail

Certified L&D Practitioner | Personal Growth Coach

Developing human capital through effective training programs.


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  • Great Decision Maker
  • Master in Making Timely & Balanced Decisions
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15+ enrolled on this course