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Today, whether yo intensionally work to develop your personal brand or you don't, personal brand is something which is associated with with every individual and it plays a vital role in career. Why not to invest your time and efforts to build a strong personal brand and monetize it? In this course, learn the importance of personal branding in today's world and best strategies how to build and monetize your personal brand.

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Introduction to Personal Branding

  • Introduction Personal Branding 1min 8sec
  • Learning outcomes 38sec
  • Importance of Personal Branding 2min 51sec

Starting point to Build Your Personal Brand

  • Where Today & What is Personal Brand Goal? 4min 30sec
  • Your Personal Statement 3min 37sec
  • Identify Your Strengths 1min 27sec

Learn to create Online and Offline Personal Brand

  • Creating Online Profiles 2min 6sec
  • Opportunities to Build Personal Brand Offline 1min 33sec
  • Strategies to Build Personal Brand 2min 19sec

Content Writing for Personal Branding

  • Content Marketing Strategy 6min 20sec
  • 80:20 Technique for Content Making 1min 6sec

LinkedIn for Personal Branding

  • LinkedIn for Personal Branding 4min 56sec
  • Connect, Engage, Share on LinkedIn 4min 51sec
  • Making an Ask or Request 2min 41sec

Monetizing Personal Brand

  • Monetizing Personal Brand 3min 48sec

Conclusion & way forward

  • Conclusion & Final Words 50sec
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About Expert

Adnan Sohail

Certified L&D Practitioner | Personal Growth Coach

Developing human capital through effective training programs.


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  • H

    Hafiza Sehar


    I did personal branding course at your platform .....it was my amazing experience ....best instructor .... effective knowledge which u shared in the lectures👍 .....I would like to do others ....I am a student now but personal branding will have great impact on my professional life ....stay motivated and stay blessed and best of luck

  • N



    It was a great experience 😊 I have learnt my new and useful skills form the most humble person... I felt to so blessed to have him as my instructor 😊 Thanks a million sir

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15+ enrolled on this course