Adnan Sohail

Certified L&D Practitioner | Personal Growth Coach

Muhammad Adnan Sohail - based in Dubai - is a seasoned learning & career consultant and trainer. He has over a decade experience advising individuals for education, career and professional development. He has worked with Forbes top companies and multinational organizations across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Europ and in Pakistan - to develop human capital through corporate training and advises for business growth. With an ideology to coach for future and equip with practical knowledge and skills to succeed in personal and professional life, he is very passionate towards the growth of people and businesses. He delivers training workshops (public & in-house) and one-to-one mentoring sessions.

I am good at:

Effective Communication

Public Speaking

Personal Branding

Job & Career

Success Strategies for Women at Workplace

Self Esteem & Confidence Building

Remote Work (Online Job) Skills

Positive Intelligence

Teamwork & Collaboration

Crisis Management

Decision Making Techniques


Stress Management

Effective Time Management

Creative Problem Solving Skills

Managing Your Manager/Boss

Selling Skills